4th International Conference on

Advancement in Electronics & Communication Engineering

AECE - 2023

23rd - 24th November 2023

In Collaboration with ECE & CSE Department
AECE 2023 is technically sponsored by IEEE UP section and selected & presented papers of AECE-2023 will be published in IEEE Xplore.
AECE 2023 is technically sponsored by IEEE UP section and selected & presented papers of AECE-2023 will be published in IEEE Xplore.

Special Session


“Recent Trends on Information Security, Data Analysis & Applications of AI”

Session Chair:  

Name of Session chair: Dr. Dileep Kumar Yadav

Affiliation: Bennett University, Greater Noida

Email Id: dileep252000@gmail.com

Phone No: 9891359168


Co Session Chair:  

Name of Session chair: Dr. Urmila Pilania

Affiliation: Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, Haryana

Email Id: urmilapilania@gmail.com

Phone No: 9911306200

Name of Co- Session chair: Dr. Manoj Kumar

Affiliation: Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, Haryana

Email Id: manojattri003@gmail.com

Phone No: 9540321552

Theme of Session:

Due to increased requirement for online facilities for work, education, medical, agriculture, business and entertainment, Information security becomes a prominent technology for the internet users. As a result of this, every internet user has to deal with and secure user information as well as their own resources. Image processing techniques also have a lot of applications in space sciences, medical, education, agriculture, biometrics, business, etc. Image processing techniques also have caught a special attention these days. Information security, image processing as a comparatively new field, has come a long way already but constantly emerging threats and issues require experts of information security to remain flexible, vigilant and have state-of-the-art technologies to offer protection in the today’s digital world.

Machine learning area have become prominent research interests spreading across multiple domains such as Cyber security, Healthcare, Image processing, Agriculture, Financial services, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science applications. Because of growing importance, researchers from academia and industry are evaluating possibility of developing computationally efficient approaches by applying machine learning, and deep learning principles and techniques. This session invites you to submit a broad range of contributions related to latest innovations of the field.

Some topics relevant to this session include, but are not limited to:

Topics of Interest:

We invite original (un-published) research contributions based on the above-mentioned theme including following topics but not limited to:

  1. Security in Image processing & video processing-based applications.
  2. Moving Object Detection & Tracking for surveillance system.
  3. Computer vision and Pattern recognition.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Applications
  5. Data mining techniques using machine learning
  6. Disease diagnosis using machine learning and deep learning methods.
  7. Data analytics for insurance, healthcare, share market, retail, banking domain.
  8. Data Analysis in Agriculture, Integrated Farming Systems, Social Science, and related applications.

Paper Submission Process: 

Please submit your paper (in word/pdf format) at

Paper Submission link:



For any further queries related to this special session, please contact the Session Chair/ Co-Session Chair